Model Lineup

Dec. 1 Eric
Pam Dec. 8
Genoveva Dec. 15
Sarah Dec. 22
Holiday Dec. 29
Jan 5 Pam
Jan 12 Elliott
Jan 19 Mavis
Jan 26 Aylin

Feb 2 Leigh
Feb 9 Tony
Feb 16 Ocean (not yet confirmed)
Feb 23 Tatiana

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 1 2016 - Eric

Thanks to Allan for stepping in until our model arrived!  The artists were Allan, Daniel Rush, Isaac Sapoznikow, Sandra Bandes, A., Connie Kozalek, Alex Dewes, Don Price, Edi Sandova., Jessica Horban, Donna Timms, Lauren Boer, and Christie Washburn.








Sunday, November 20, 2016


We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

We are grateful to the Nyack Center for the space in which we create, to the models who inspire us, and to all of you, who keep this program going. 

Donna, Christie and Lauren,  thank you for the incredible baked treats every week. Alan, Thank you so much for helping us set up and track our funds. 

Lauren, thank you for being our 'scrubbing bubble' in cleaning up before we arrive. 

Christie, you have been phenomenal with booking the models and running the sessions. There is no way I could continue to keep this program going the way it has without you.

Anatoly, Russ, and Alan thank you for giving us model recommendations.

And last but not least, we thank Nyack Center's  Robbie, thank you so much for keeping the Nyack Center open past hours so we can draw until 10pm, and coming in during Nyack Center breaks so we can keep going.

It takes a village! Stay warm, until next week-

Janet, Christie, Lauren, Alan, and Donna