Model Lineup

Dec 11 female, Karen, Dec 18 male, Bob
Dec 25 no session - holidays, Jan 1 no session - holidays

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 11 2014 session

Karen was our beautiful model.  Some of the artists were Jamie Gaviola, Danika Gaviola, Heather, Graceanne, Donna Timm, Daniel Dugan, Lauren Boer, Allan R., Ocean Scheyd, Russ Eike, Amber Eike, A., and Christie Washburn.

Anatoly shared his music, since we were missing our speaker.  If you would like to bring in a CD, or have ideas about the music, please let Allan know!

Lauren will make latkes next Thursday.  Don't miss out!

After Dec 18, there is a two-week break.  The next session after the holidays will be Jan 8.

Upcoming models

Here is a preview of the upcoming models:

Dec 18      male, Robert
Jan 8         male, Rick
Jan 15       female, Genoveva
Jan 22       female, clothed, Ocean
Jan 29       female, Leigh
Feb 5         female, Mavis
Feb 12       female, Pamela
Feb 19       male, Fred
Feb 26       female, Leigh

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec. 4th figure drawing session- Eliot

Great session. Some really creative use of color and always a variety of line. 
Artists whose work is shown here will be posted shortly. Our next model is female, Karen,
at tomorrow's session Dec. 11. We'll have coffee on!