Model Lineup

Oct 9 female, Genoveva, Oct 16 male, Rick, Oct 23 male, Elliot, Oct 30 female, Tania, Nov 6 female, Lisa, Nov 13 female, Tania, Nov 20 female, Genoveva,
Nov 27 no session - Thanksgiving
Dec 4 male, Elliot, Dec 11 female, Karen, Dec 18 male, Bob
Dec 25 no session - holidays, Jan 1 no session - holidays

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sept 16 2014 session

Rick was our model, and inspired some wonderful work, as you can see here.  Among the artists were Allan R, John O'Connor, A, Kevin Castro, Ocean, Doris Bedell, Charles Kovatch, Kaitie Bedell-DeShore, R, Katie Wiebicke, Trine Giaever, Natasha Orlando, Donna Timm, Louise Male, and Christie Washburn.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October drawing session

Another excellent session, with Genoveva as our model. Several artists work is represented here which include A., Russ Eike, Janet Hamlin, Allan Rosenberg, Edi Sandoval, - other names will follow shortly.