Model Lineup

May 3. Ocean
May 10 Audrey
May 17. Ocean
May 24. Mavis
May 31. Elliot
June 7. Amy (new)
June 14 AJ (male, new)
June 21 Pam
June 28. David (new)

Friday, July 29, 2011

July 28 figure drawing session

We had a good session with Angel as our model, taking great poses. Attending were Anatoly Chernishov, Brandon Zhao, David Del Campo, James John B. Leonard, Lauren Boer, Boyu Fan, Juliane Ng, Pia Patra, Marcia Heisler, Judi Sherman, Talia Steinman, Daniel Tyler, Allan Rosenberg, Christie Washburn.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 21 figure drawing session

Bruce was our model, taking great poses as usual. Some of the artists who attended were Allan Rosenberg, Jim McMaughton, Nora Gorman, Haley Coopersmith, Gill Stubbings, Lauren Boer, Pia Patra, Elizabeth Silverstein, Louis Spitz, Tara Holland, Kirsten Schlosser, Carly Moreno, Anatoly Chernishov, Brandon Zhao, Melanie Rodriguez, Julie Ng, Boyu Fan, Russell Eike, James Leonard, Christie Washburn.

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14 figure drawing session

We had the wonderful Tania as our model, and a good group including some new people. There is a great variety in the work, and we get so much from each other. Among those in attendance were Sammy Wilson, Emily Keppler, Talia Steinman, APSD21, Gill Stubbings, Haley Coopersmith, Lauren Boer, David Del Campo, Anatoly Chernishov, Elizabeth Silverstein, Alyssa Ranker, Judi Sherman, Russ Eike, Louis Spitz, Marcia Heisler, James John B Leonard, Melanie Rodriguez, Allan Rosenberg, Christie Washburn.