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March 15. Mavis
March 22. Tatiana
March 29. Zach
April 5. Pam
April 12. Maryam
April 19. Sarah? (No response yet)
April 26. Marc

Friday, July 1, 2011

June 30th figure drawing session

Excellent session. So much diversity in the artwork, it's a rich environment to work in. Artists whose work is shown here include:
Marcia Heisler, Lauren Boer, A Chernishov, Gabriella Moreno, Judi Sherman, Pia Patra, Emily Keppler, Julia Liebergall, Talia Steinman, Jame John B. Leonard, Russ Eike, P. Schmidt, Debra Rocco, Denise Oates, Patrick J. Mitchell, Carly Moreno, Victor Massari, Gabby Moreno, Kirsten Schlosser, Allan Rosenberg, Melanie Rodriguez, Christie Washburn, and Janet Hamlin.
Our model was the fabulous Tania.

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