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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Show opening photos

 Melanie Rodriguez's dad Rod poses proudly in front of Mel's artwork.

 Liz Sayles and her father Bill Sayles. Bill used to run figure drawing sessions at Hopper House for 18 years and is a phenomenal artist himself.

Allen Rosenberg and his wife posing in front of Allen's art. Thanks to Allen our
figure drawing sessions have a great soundtrack!

Russ Eike and his entourage pose in front of his artwork. Great to see such a turnout at our opening.

 Rachel Gordon Bernstein posing in front of her lovely watercolor of Tania. 

Allyssa Ranker, proudly points at her masterpiece.

 Lauren Boer in front of her lovely rendition of a Hopper pose.

Marcia Heisler stands proudly by her artwork.

Allan and his sister- as if you could'nt tell.

More photos to come. Remember, no session on Thanksgiving and a long pose Monday is on Nov. 28th. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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