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June 29 Tony

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 15, 2012 drawing session at Nyack Center

Well, this session was touch-and-go, with two models cancelling- my initial booking and then my sub- both had unfortunate incidents. Thanks to quick work by Christie Washburn, she lined up the model you see here, Doug. He is excellent, and I feel so fortunate he was willing and able to pinch hit for us.
We had an excellent turnout. The artists whose work is shown here include: Andres Orellana, Emily Denise, Benjamin Echt, Michael Gaffney, Jim McNaughton, Judi Sherman, Janet Capesro, Christie Washburn, Ayah Wuhl, Lauren Boer, Alyssa Ranker, India Urbano-Perez, Rachel Gordon Bernstein, Leander Capuezzo, Paul Bewasa, APLSD 21, Melanie Rodriguez and Janet Hamlin.
Our room is now freshly painted, with huge thanks to Melanie Rodriguez and several middle-schoolers (and their parents) earning Community Service hours. It is a great way to bring in Spring!

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