Model Lineup


September 7. Rosie
September 14 Pam
September 21 Mavis
September 28 Bruce
October 5. Tatiana
October 12. Maryam
October 19. Sarah
October 26. Zach
Nov 2. Celina B
November 9. Rosie
November 16. Pam
November 23. Thanksgiving
November 30. Marc
December 7. Mavis
December 14. Tatiana
December 21. Tony
December 28. Winter holiday

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nov 29th 2012 drawing session

We had a very good post-Thanksgiving session at Nyack Center, with Fred as our model striking some challenging poses. The artists whose work is shown here include: Angelelica Jablonski, Allan Rosenberg, Lauren Boer, Jim McNaughton, Johnathan Wilborn, Lous Spitz, Sandra Bandes, Christie Wasbhurn, Christina Alamo, and Janet Hamlin.
*Next week we will have a new female model, Arielle, posing for us*

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