Model Lineup


March 15. Mavis
March 22. Tatiana
March 29. Zach
April 5. Pam
April 12. Maryam
April 19. Sarah? (No response yet)
April 26. Marc

Monday, February 18, 2013

Upcoming model line up

By popular request, I'm posting our upcoming bookings so you can plan accordingly:

                     FEB 21, Tania, female
                     FEB 28 Eliot, Male
                     MARCH 7th Inna (new, female)
                     MARCH 13TH Fred, male
                     March 20th Karen, female
                     March 27th Tania, female
                     April 4th Lalainya, female

Please bear in mind this is subject to change- sometimes we have cancellations, but I strive to keep the gender as is.

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