Model Lineup


September 7. Rosie
September 14 Pam
September 21 Mavis
September 28 Bruce
October 5. Tatiana
October 12. Maryam
October 19. Sarah
October 26. Zach
Nov 2. Celina B
November 9. Rosie
November 16. Pam
November 23. Thanksgiving
November 30. Marc
December 7. Mavis
December 14. Tatiana
December 21. Tony
December 28. Winter holiday

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 25 drawing session

I love our drawing group.  Not only do we have the best models, we also have the best artists, who pull together to make it happen.  Last week, with Janet out of town and me delayed at work, Allan and Lauren got the entire setup done on time, and Lauren reminded me that we are there to draw not to eat.  And everyone else helped as always, which makes Thursday my favorite night of the week. 
Also, I feel that I learn so much from everyone else.  It seems to me that we are all improving, each developing in our unique ways. 

Artists at this session included Allan Rosenberg, Marcia Heisler, Kyle Tracey, Mike Leung, Donna Timm, Sandra Bandes, Jim McNaughton, Cleveland H. Cooke, Trine Glaever, Daniel Rush, Andrew Debellis, Joe Werfel, Russ Eike, Lauren Boer, Anatoly, Ellen Rix, and Christie Washburn.

Sarah gave us great poses, as you can see here from the work she inspired.  She also brought some of her own pottery to sell.  If you missed it, or want more, she said she will have new items on Etsy in about 2 weeks.

Sessions will start again Sep 12.  Here is the model list as currently scheduled.  If there is any change, we will try to substitute male for male and female for female models. 

Sept.12 male, Fred
Sept 19 female, clothed, Ocean
Sept 26 male, Eliot
Oct 3 female, Samantha
Oct 10 male, Zac
Oct 17 female, Lalainya
Oct 24 clothed female, Ocean
OCT 31 NO SESSION-Halloween
Nov 7, female, Karen
Nov 14 female, Samantha
Nov 28 female, Tania
Dec 5 female, Karen
Dec 12 female, Tania

Happy August!!

Christie and Janet

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