Model Lineup

May 3. Ocean
May 10 Audrey
May 17. Ocean
May 24. Mavis
May 31. Elliot
June 7. Amy (new)
June 14 AJ (male, new)
June 21 Pam
June 28. David (new)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 23, 2014 drawing at Nyack Center

When I look at what is created during our 2 1/2 hour sessions it never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful, unique artistic interpretations, using line, color, paint.. how can one not come away feeling inspired?
Our model this evening was Karen. Artists whose work is shown here include: Allan Rosenberg, Chris Ross, Jim McNaughton, Eliza Nappi, Ocean Scheyd, Lauren Boer, Meaghan Greene, connie Kozelek, Bart Gordon, Christina Alamo, Sandy Bandes, David Spatz, A. , Oliver Volo, Max Olson, Andrew DeBellis, Edi Sandoval, Russ Eike, Christie Washburn, and Janet Hamlin.
Our model this Thursday is Jean, female. Hope to see you soon. Stay warm!
Janet, Christie, Allan, and Lauren

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