Model Lineup

May 3. Ocean
May 10 Audrey
May 17. Ocean
May 24. Mavis
May 31. Elliot
June 7. Amy (new)
June 14 AJ (male, new)
June 21 Pam
June 28. David (new)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Figure Drawing Feb 27, 2014

Our model was Fred- an excellent model who struck ambitious and classical poses for us. It was a great session. Artists whose work is shown here include: Connie Vozelek, Isaiah Ronan Trine Giaever, Natasha Orlando, Meaghan Grenne, Edi Sandoval, Andrew DeBellis, Sandy Bandes, Christina Alamo, A., Allan Rosenberg, and Janet Hamlin.

Our group was able to donate $200 towards Nyack Center for paint. They will soon be renovating the library and middle room, where we sketch. It is a small gesture of appreciation from our group to the Center for housing us.

Our model this Thursday May 5 is a female model, Aylin, new to us. Hope to see you all soon. Stay warm!

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