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March 22. Tatiana
March 29. Zach
April 5. Pam
April 12. Maryam
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April 26. Marc

Friday, May 8, 2015

May 7, 2015 figure drawing- Genoveva

Great energy in the room last night. We've been joined by members of the Nyack Art Collective and this combined with the new faces we see and our 'regulars' it's been rich in all ways. We meet not by obligation, but by sheer joy to create art, challenge ourselves, and be inspired by each other. Our model, Genoveva, was magnificent as always. We are fortunate to have great models, with a shout out to Anatoly Chernishov and Christie Washburn for their efforts in connecting us.
Artists whose work is shown here include: Andy Carden, Dan Springer, Diana C., Kyle Tracey, Billy Joe Everson, RGB, Ocean Scheyd, connie Kozelek, Don Price, Jamey Jackson, Dave Ganassi, Edi Sandoval, Allan R., Sandra Bandes, Cass McVety, Christie Washburn, Lauren Boer, Donna Timm, and Janet Hamlin.

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