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March 22. Tatiana
March 29. Zach
April 5. Pam
April 12. Maryam
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April 26. Marc

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dec 15 2016 - Leigh

Leigh always inspires us.  We were also inspired by students from Nyack High School tonight and their teacher; they are very talented, and we hope they will continue to draw with us.  Among the artists were Connie Kozelek, Zoey NB, Phil Kennedy, Jessira, Edi Sandoval, Marcia Heisler, Nikita Lagda, Caramela Jorolan, Nick Mc, Solange Hybel, Isaac Sapoznikow, Joe Fusaro, Julia Trahan, Sophie Cronin, James Remini, Isabella New-Walker, Fred B., Chris K., Shelly Luam, Patrick Mitchell, Arlys, Audrey C., Allan R., Lauren Boer, Christie Washburn, and Janet Hamlin.














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