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June 29 Tony

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 18, 2013 Figure Drawing session at Nyack Center

Our model Zac gave us some excellent poses during this session; classic, but also some turns and foreshortening. As you can see, gorgeous studies were inspired. Artists whose work is shown here include: Trine Giaever, Christie Washburn, Molly Prouty, Acadia Kelly, Andres DeBellis, LInka Garcia, Johnathan Wilborn, Lauren Boer, Kyle Tracey, Ocen Acheyd, Pia Patra, Connie Kozlek, Ellen Rix, Loiis Esmay, Donna Timm, Sandy Bandes, Alla Goldburt, Allan Rosenberg, Marcia Heisler, and Janet Hamlin.

The figure drawing group will be purchasing a table at the 'Made by Hand' craft fair May 4th at Nyack Center, from 10-4. You are welcome to show samples of your work at our table, sharing the space with other artists. If you prefer to have your own space it is $50 per table. Contact Sandy Page-Cook:

Our upcoming model this Thursday, April 25th, is Tania. Hope to see those that can make it on Thursday!

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