Model Lineup

May 3. Ocean
May 10 Audrey
May 17. Ocean
May 24. Mavis
May 31. Elliot
June 7. Amy (new)
June 14 AJ (male, new)
June 21 Pam
June 28. David (new)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 2, 2013 figure drawing/Nyack Center

Great session! And the turnout of talent among these artists really does inspire. Our model was JB, and the artists whose work is shown here include:
Molly Prouty, Jim McNaughton, Acadia Kelly, russ Eike, Kyle Tracey, Christina Alamo, Andrew DeBellis, Lauren Boer, Sandy Bandes, Melit Lopez, Julia Wefel, Ella GoldBurt, Cynthia Aherne, Trine Giaever, Connie Kozelek, Lois Esmay, Ellen Rix, A.J. Paullay, Dakota Peterson, Peter CAnoll, Marcia Heisler, Allan Rosenberg, and yours truly, Janet Hamlin.
Our model tonight, May 9th is female.

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