Model Lineup


March 15. Mavis
March 22. Tatiana
March 29. Zach
April 5. Pam
April 12. Maryam
April 19. Sarah? (No response yet)
April 26. Marc

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 9, 2013 drawing session

This session we had two female models, Samantha and Lalainya. Having two models was a rare treat. We will be having another session with two models in the near future; I'll put our a reminder notice.
The artists whose work is shown here include:
 Allan Rosenberg, Jim McNaughton, Rachel Gordon Bernstein, Paul Steiner, Lois Esmay, Ellen Rix, Alla Goldburt, Christina Abuno, Lauren Boer, Donna Timm, Sandy Bandes, Max Olm, Oliver, Carnie Kozelek, Andrew DeBellis, Ghayle Traceng, Johnathon Wilborn, Russ Eike, and Janet Hamlin.

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